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Who we are

Introducing a new luxury concept based on satisfying life’s pleasures to the utmost degree.  Stylish design, architecture, cosmopolitan ambiance, and luxury services define the course of a new brand where customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

BLESS Collection Hotels is the latest 5-star luxury brand created by Palladium Hotel Group, bringing knowledge from over 50 years of experience in the hospitality sector. The hotel chain is evolving into a new space after having grown in some of the best destinations in the world, including Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Brazil.


What’s the best thing about living?

Living is about enjoying every moment to the fullest. It’s being in harmony with other people and with yourself. It’s feeling grateful and going with the flow. It’s living joyfully and being 100% in the present.

Feeling, enjoying, discovering, sharing, connecting... All of this happens in our hotels. They are much more than somewhere to stay.


To become the meeting point of stylish cosmopolitans in search of a unique place that can satisfy all their desires, but also surprise them.


To position ourselves as a leader within the modern hotel industry in the most privileged international beach and urban destinations. To have guests fall in love with our hotels and always want to return.


Get to know our brand´s strongest characteristics. They are our essence.

  • Contemporary luxury
  • Personalised attention
  • Exquisite interior design
  • Privileged location
  • Fabulous experience
  • Originality
  • Exclusivity
  • Unique style
  • Vibrant
  • Innovation

BLESS Collection Hotels worships the pursuit of happiness, the good life, and all its guests, who are fundamental to its essence.

We are the meeting point for citizens of the world

For people who start a sentence in Spanish and end it in English or French, or vice versa. For people who prefer to travel light and collect experiences all over the world. A unique club.

We are passionate about everything that nourishes the soul

Art, music, culture, fashion, gastronomy... We open our doors as a temple for people who enjoy life and live it to the fullest. For hedonists who guiltlessly satisfy their desires, for restless sybarites and those who live in the here and now: boredom is the only thing you won’t find at BLESS Collection Hotels.

Because travelling makes life more enjoyable

The best stories start like this: seeing the world from a different angle. Opening your mind. Trying new things and connecting with others with whom we share much more than just a destination.

We believe it’s all about the experience

When moments stay with you forever, hotels are not just stopovers. It’s what inspires us to make ours special. Experience our themed spaces, trendsetting events, amazing performances and live music, sky lounges and luxury pool clubs, culinary delights with signature chefs that transcend gastronomy, exclusive custom services, and locations in the world’s top destinations…