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  • In just one bubble there fits so much hedonism. Even more if it is experienced in the bathtubs of the luxurious rooms and suites at BLESS Hotel Ibiza, the best corner of the island to disconnect from the world and allow its simplest pleasures to kiss your skin and leave behind its sweet-scented aromas. Treat yourself to our Bathology® experience and enjoy an invigorating bath overflowing with warm suds, prepared with soaps and essential oils, which you will specially select just for your pleasure.

    Our soap butlers, the Bathologists, will advise you on which bath best suits your skin type: a sensual bath, an energizing bath, a relaxing bath, an exfoliant bath or our BLESS bath. Choose the one you like best and enjoy a completely sensorial experience that will be sure to include candlelit illumination, special décor and the delicious aromas of our artisanal soaps. Sounds like the perfect ending to a full day on the beach, doesn’t it? BLESS your bubbles…

  • There are some pleasures that are essential, such as a good night’s rest. And this, more than anything, is necessary during a vacation. At BLESS Hotel Ibiza we’d like you to have the best dreams possible; we know that we can’t become a part of them, but what we can do is offer you the Blessedbed® experience at your full disposal. With it, you’ll be able to slip into 400 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets as well as relax your entire body on a mattress specially designed for BLESS Collection Hotels.

    Because you are the star of your own dreams, therefore you must take control of them. And luxury gives you exactly the type of power you need to do that, don’t you think? So, don’t rush to get out of bed…You are in BLESS Hotel Ibiza.

  • The body is the main temple of every hedonist, so only through it may each of life’s pleasures be enjoyed. And in BLESS Hotel Ibiza, we want you to take care of it with passion thanks to our hi-tech equipment and machines that you will find at FitNic Power Gym, the best gym in Ibiza for your luxury vacation.

    Open 24-hours, you’ll find personal trainers at your disposal, as well as our Sweat Box experience, a high-intensity training session offered in a virtual room with 360º surround sound and images. A feast of endorphins that you can top off with a refreshing dip in our pools or in the beautiful beach at Cala Nova. Get pumped! Because there is no better goal than that of finding pleasure, don’t you think?

  • A vacation without your dog wouldn’t be the same, would it? At BLESS Hotel Ibiza, you don’t have to leave your furry little friend behind thanks to our luxury pet-friendly hotel in Ibiza, which permits guests to bring dogs weighing up to 10 kilos. Because we wouldn’t want you nor your pet to have to give up even the tiniest bit of hedonism in order to be able to be together over the summer. Thanks to our BLESS Your Paws service, you’ll enjoy an exclusive room with a welcome pack containing garbage bags, 2 bowls for water and food, a bed and a sign for your pets; you and your dog will have access to Epic Infinity Lounge and you may also request a pet-sitting service. Have you packed their suitcase yet?

  • Mixology

    The best cocktails in Ibiza are enjoyed with your sense of sight, taste, smell, touch and… sound. Try them with Mixology®, a luxury experience that is at your fingertips thanks to the mastery of our bartenders. Read our menu of sophisticated cocktails, select the one you fancy most and listen to intriguing stories and curiosities about the art of mixology while the bartender prepares your drink.

    You may enjoy this experience in the privacy of your own room or at our culinary spaces, such as Epic Infinity Lounge, Tris Vermutería & Bar and Llum Pool Club. The choice is yours. And we can assure you that you’ll enjoy the best combination of a good story together with the perfect cocktail. A highly hedonistic pleasure for lovers of extraordinary tales and sips of the most potent spirits.