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  • Take your palate on a gastronomic journey to the north of Spain to discover the culinary pleasures of the Basque Country, where traditions are fused with contemporary flavours and wine is always flowing. Savour the haute cuisine of chef Martín Berasategui and Paco Budia, awarded with a Michelin Star and a Repsol Sun, at the exclusive Etxeko Ibiza restaurant. Explore their menu of unique creations, redefining haute cuisine, while you awaken your palate through this unparalleled culinary experience.

    Etxeko Ibiza, MICHELIN Star Spain 2023.

    Hours  19:30 - 01:00

    Contact   871 575 558 · guestservice.ibiza@blesscollectionhotels.com


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  • Hedonism, just like the elegance of Chanel, is solely a question of balance. And in Epic Infinity Lounge all the senses are satisfied equally. The sea and sky for your sense of sight. The best music for your sense of sound. And the most exquisite bites giving off exotic aromas to satisfy your sense of taste, smell and touch. Reserve your table on our sky lounge bar in Ibiza, open all day long. Take a seat next to the infinity pool with views of Cala Nova cove and enjoy pure luxury, bite by bite.

    The menu at Epic Infinity Lounge will take you on trip through the flavours of Asia and Latin America with its hand-picked selection of ceviches, salads, dim sum, chirashis, sashimis, tacos and other exotic specialties. Intriguing and epic temptations curated for only the most hedonistic travellers, those that wouldn’t throw away even a gram of happiness. And even less so when it is so delicious…


    Hours  11:00 - 19:00

    Contact  + 34 971 330 300 · guestservice.ibiza@blesscollectionhotels.com



  • There exists a place where you can enjoy yourself so much that you lose track of time. Walk to the infinity pool, where you’ll see reflections of the memories that will mark your trip. You’ll find sophisticated cocktails and curious blends of Mediterranean flavours on the menu. Because this place is Llum. The pool club of Ibiza that you cannot miss.

    Embrace the sun, style and sea breeze as your body gets carried away by the rhythms of our DJs and soothe your thirst with that cocktail that tastes like pure summer. Elevate all these emotions and experience them from a Balinese bed reserved just for you. All this is Llum. Finish your experience at Salao Atlantic Restaurant, the Mediterranean restaurant designed to surprise each one of your senses. Sit back and enjoy as much time as you need.  Because whenever you want, you can go back to the infinity pool, where the water will caress your feet once again.

    Welcome to Llum Pool Club. Welcome to the pleasure of losing track of time.  


    Hours  11:00-19:00

    Contact  + 34 971 33 03 00 · guestservice.ibiza@blesscollectionhotels.com




  • White or red. Combined in a Dry Martini or a refreshing Aperol Spritz. National or international. And with all the freshness of the summer. Vermouth, one of the most popular drinks enjoyed during the Spanish aperitif hour, has its very own corner at Tris Vermutería & Bar: the best place to experience vermouth hour in Ibiza with our pickled delicacies, cheeses, gourmet preserved products, salt cured fish and meat, caviar and Spanish cured ham.

    On the drink menu of your favourite lounge bar in Ibiza, you’ll also find a wide variety of premium beer and spirt brands, along with a fine selection of wines, cavas (Spanish sparkling wines) and champagnes. And of course, we cannot leave out the fabulous cocktails, skillfully prepared by our expert bartenders. At BLESS Hotel Ibiza we make aperitif hour easy: all you have to do is choose who to share the moment with. ¡Salud!

    Hours  19:00 - 01:00

    Contact   +34 971 330 300 · guestservice.ibiza@blesscollectionhotels.com