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Madrid, the city for living

There are cities you visit. And others you also experience. Discover it with our holiday guide to Madrid, a selection of advice and tips to show you the authentic spirit of the capital, a destination that loves surprises, night life, art, fine food and fashion. BLESS your walks…

Luxury options in Madrid

We recommend the best luxury options in Madrid, a city where art, architecture, fashion, beauty, haute cuisine, sophistication and the cutting edge all rub shoulders.

The Spanish capital has everything you need to enjoy VIP options and enjoy a sublime experience. Visit exclusive places, fall in love with its culture, savour the most explosive tastes and enjoy private tours designed for people like you. Live authentic luxury experiences in Madrid.


The hedonist loves the pleasure to be found in beautiful things. And Madrid offers countless things of beauty behind the doors of its museums. Be inspired in the Prado museum, with all the hedonism of El Jardín de las Delicias by El Bosco; feel the lightness of old-fashioned summers with the nautical portraits of Joaquín Sorolla at the Sorlolla museum; excite your imagination with the brilliance of Salvador Dalí at the Reina Sofía museum or enjoy the pleasure of spending a morning in the Museo del Romanticismo, the museum of romanticism. BLESS your art…


Unleash your most glamorous hedonistic streak. Go into the Spanish and international jewellers and luxury boutiques the capital has to offer and treat yourself to the most exclusive pieces. You'll find them very close to our hotel in the Salamanca neighbourhood, on the Calle Ortega y Gasset and Calle Serrano, Madrid's so-called Golden Mile: Loewe, Suárez, Dior, Durán, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yanes, Manolo Blahnik and more. Or discover the independent boutiques of Las Salesas neighbourhood, located between the Paseo de Recoletos, Calle Bárbara de Braganza, Calle Prim and Calle Luis de Góngora. A Madrid shopping guide not suitable for the insensitive. BLESS your style…


There are as many ways around Madrid as there are visitors to the city. And the most hedonistic excursions in Madrid are to places reserved for the most inquisitive: the statue of the Fallen Angel in the park of El Retiro, the hieroglyphs on the Temple of Debod, the 20,000 rose bushes of La Rosaleda in the Parque del Oeste; the art galleries of Las Salesas neighbourhood, the stone gods that make up a tourist trail filled with mythology around Msdrid, the sculptures adorning the buildings on the Gran Vía... Not forgetting the host of other things for you to do and enjoy in Madrid. BLESS your surprise…

VIP gastronomic experience

No hedonist can go without delighting the palate with the most exquisite flavours. Because anybody who doesn't love the pleasures of the table doesn't know how to love. Our holiday guide to Madrid reveals where you can find the most delicious food in Madrid: go into the gourmet markets of San Antón and San Miguel, or the Platea Madrid gastronomic space; sample the excellence of Japanese cuisine at 47 Ronin in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood; or explore a fusion of Peruvian cuisine at Tiradito in the rising Chamberí neighbourhood. Bless your bites…


01. Prado´s Museum 24min (2Km)

02. Reina Sofía Museum 35min (2,9Km)

03. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum 24min (2Km)

04. MAN Museum 10min (850m)

05. National Library 10min (850m)

06. Sorolla´s House-Museum 19min (1,5Km)

07. Mapfre Foundation 15min (1,3Km)

08. Solo Gallery 8min (650m)


01. Formentor 10min (750m)

02. Mallorca 13min (1,1Km)

03. La Duquesita 18min (1,4Km)

04. Moulin Chocolat 12min (1Km)

05. Pastelería Lisboa 12min (900m)

06. La Pajarita 12min (1Km)


01. Chanel 4min (350m)

02. Versace 11min (950m)

03. Louis Vuitton 5min (450m)

04. Prada 7min (650m)

05. Carolina Herrera 11min (950m)

06. Jimmy Choo 5min (450m)

07. Hermes 5min (400m)

08. Loewe 6min (450m)

09. El Corte Inglés Serrano 4min (300m)


01. BLESS Lively Lounge Ground floor

02. Salvaje at BLESS Hotel Madrid Ground floor

03. AMÓS 6min (500m)

04. Amazónico 7min (550m)

05. La Parrilla de la Máquina 7min (550m)

06. AARDE 16min (1,3Km)

07. Saddle 9min (750m)

08. Ten Con Ten 5min (450m)


01. Beldon Beauty Front desk

02. Clínica Dermatológica 6min (450m)

03. Mersi Beauty 9min (700m)

04. The Masha Experience 3min (230m)

05. The Organic Spa 5min (350m)


01. Picos Pardos Sky Lounge Rooftop

02. Fetén by Salvaje Basement

03. Nomada 5min (400m)

04. Manero 13min (1,1m)

05. The Kave 15min (1,3Km)

06. Harrison 1933 14min (1,2Km)

07. Florida Park 17min (1,4Km)


01. Café Gijón 15min (1,3Km)

02. Cappuccino 14min (1,2Km)


01. Chopard 3min (260m)

02. Cartier 6min (500m)

03. Bulgari 5min (400m)

04. Rabat 9min (800m)

05. Wempe 5min (450m)

BLESS Hotel Madrid. All of Madrid, just a step away