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Madrid, a city to live and breathe.

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There are some cities you visit. And some you live and breathe. Our Visitor's Guide to Madrid is brimming with advice and recommendations which will bring the city to life in front of your eyes. A capital city full of spirit and surprises, art, incredible food, and fashion, where the streets come to life at night. BLESS your walks…


The city's soundtrack is a mix of jazz, world music, symphonies, arias, indie sounds, contemporary soul, and electronic music. It's improvisation. It's cutting-edge. It's a rhythm you'll lose yourself in. Nourish your soul with a spell-binding night at the Teatro Real. Book a table at Clamores, Café Central, or Bogui Jazz, the capital's shrines to jazz. See one of the musicals the Gran Vía has to offer, or dance your way through the night at Gabana 1800, a high-end nightclub just a stone's throw from our hotel. Listen to the sounds of the capital. And come up with your own top ten nightspots in Madrid. BLESS your ears…


Hedonists love the pleasure to be found in beauty. And in Madrid there's an almost infinite abundance of beauty behind our museums' doors. Get inspired at the Museo del Prado and lose yourself in the hedonism of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. Feel the airy beauty of summers gone by with Joaquín Sorolla's seafaring paintings at the Museo Sorolla. Set your imagination free with the genius Salvador Dalí at the Museo Reina Sofía. Or treat yourself to a blissful morning at the Museo del Romanticismo. BLESS your art…


Unleash your hedonistic side. Glam up. The country's - and world's - most exclusive and luxurious boutiques and jewellery shops are waiting for you in the capital. Treat yourself to some incredible pieces. You don't have to go far. You'll find all the top names close to our hotel in the Salamanca quarter, on Calle Ortega y Gasset and Calle Serrano. It's called Madrid's golden mile for a reason: there's Loewe, Suárez, Dior, Durán, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yanes, Manolo Blahnik. As well as independent boutiques in Las Salesas district between Recoletos and Calle Bárbara de Braganza, Calle Prim and Calle Luis de Góngora. A Madrid shopping guide, not for the faint-hearted. BLESS your style…


So many people pass through Madrid. And they've trodden so many paths. A hedonist's tour through Madrid will take you to those nooks reserved for the most curious traveller: the statue of the Fallen Angel in Retiro park; hieroglyphics at the Templo de Debod; the 20,000 rose bushes that fill the Rosaleda rose garden at the Parque del Oeste; art galleries in Las Salesas district. The stone gods lining a tour through mythology-packed Madrid; sculptures adorning the buildings along the Gran Vía. Not to mention all the other activities Madrid has waiting for you to relish. BLESS your surprise…


No hedonist could resist these exquisite flavours. If you don't love these culinary delights, you don't know what love is! Our visitor's guide will show you the way to the best eateries in Madrid. Go to San Antón and San Miguel gourmet markets; visit the gastronomic powerhouse Platea Madrid; experience Japan's finest cuisine at 47 Ronin right in the heart of Salamanca quarter; and Tiradito, offering Peruvian fusion food in the up and coming Chamberí district. If you're wondering where to eat out in Madrid, you needn't go far: our restaurant Etxeko is the home of culinary genius chef Martin Berasategui, with ten Michelin stars under his belt. Bless your bites…