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BLESS Hotel Madrid

Feel the lights of Madrid fire up inside you

Located on the sophisticated 'Golden Mile', among the most exclusive shops in the luxurious Salamanca neighborhood, BLESS Hotel Madrid is an icon in the city. Enjoy a dynamic experience in a historic building featuring the work of top interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán.


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Passion for food to nourish the soul


Pure pleasure for all of your senses

Some cities you visit, while others you fully experience

Discover Madrid

Come to Madrid and experience the Spanish capital's authenticity. A destination full of surprises, nightlife, works of art, fine food, and high fashion.

This is not a lifestyle hotel. It is a hotel with style

On the Calle de Velázquez in the Salamanca neighbourhood there's a place to savour every bite of fine food, get away from it all through music, awaken your mind with art and culture and live through all your senses.

Signature Travel Network
Signature Travel Network
Signature Travel Network

Calle de Velázquez, 62, 28001 Madrid

Private parking and valet parking are available for 45€/day (VAT included).