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Bless Hotel Madrid



BLESS Hotel Madrid was created to take care of you. A pleasure for all of the senses, designed to pamper you and quench your most hedonistic desires. At BLESS we know better than anyone how to satisfy the most élite of tastes our list of experiences will take you to the pinnacle of happiness.

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  • Mixology

    The best cocktails in Madrid are two thirds a good story and one third magic, with a touch of sweetness, spiciness or bitterness, depending on one’s taste. They are mixed until all desires settle. Then, poured into the right cup, decorated enough to fall in love with at first sight and finally, served with a smile. This is how the capital’s most hedonistic cocktails are prepared at Bless Hotel Madrid, a highly sensorial pleasure for those that love the extraordinary and for escape artists of boring combinations.<br><br>Try them with Mixology, a luxury experience brought to you by the hand of our expert bartenders that, while preparing you one of our sophisticated cocktails, will entertain you with anecdotes about the art of mixology, the curiosities of Madrid’s cocktail culture and other intriguing stories about the most potent spirits. You may enjoy this experience in the privacy of your own room or at our cocktail bar, La Ruleta, a tribute to one of the most mythical corners of the Salamanca quarter. Whichever option you select, we’ll guarantee you the perfect combo of a good story and a fabulous cocktail. Chin-chin.


    Cocktail Menu

  • Acqua di Parma barber shop

    Welcome to the Acqua di Parma barber shop at Bless Hotel Madrid, destined to become the new point of reference for all those that truly appreciate the authentic Italian shaving ritual and the Maison’s sensory universe.

    A unique place to pamper yourself with the wide menu of barber services that will transport you to the sophisticated elegance of an authentic Italian home.Enjoy the ritual of the art of shaving thanks to the hands of the experienced barbers of Acqua di Parma.

    In addition, you’ll be able to complete the experience of any of the services and products offered on its menu as you enjoy the pleasure of pampering yourself in pure hedonist fashion.

    Open from 12:00h to 15:00h and from 16:00h to 19:00h, until 31st July.

    August: closed for holidays.

    Book at aquadiparmca.comTelephone: +34 91 819 81 97


  • The Sweat Box experience transforms the pleasure of taking good care of yourself into a personal challenge and competition against your own limitations. Experience a high intensity workout with images and a 360º sound system in the virtual training room of Fitnic Power Gym. Enjoy a session as you free your stress, eliminate toxins and sculpt your body, setting the pace of your own goals. A space dedicated to sports lovers because, as all hedonists know very well, in order to shine you must first sweat.


    “Find out about our personal trainers and training sessions  Capitan Emo

  • We love to pamper you, so we’d like you to experience the pleasure of a reinvigorating bath full of warm soothing bubbles, a therapy that nourishes the soul only by opening the door to your room. Immerse yourself in a ritual of aromas and essential oils created to inspire you and to attain unique benefits on a physical, mental and of course, spiritual level. Feel the harmony, serenity and energy, as well as relaxation, through our soap menu that we’ve prepared for you and experience the delicious stimulating, sedative, toning or hydrating effects on your skin thanks to our Bathologists, our soap experts. Our experts will provide you with a special recommendation of freshly cut artisanal soap bars according to your skin type. In addition, you can select your favourite fragrance from a wide selection of aromas created exclusively for Bless Collection Hotels, perfumes that will envelope you in a delightful restorative bath, along with candles, body oils and decoration fit for the selected experience. Our Bathology experience boasts different packs that include sensual aromas like cinnamon, energizing ones such as citruses, relaxing aromas such as lavender and hydrating ones like rosemary, which will all help you attain your greatest level of wellbeing. Without a doubt, the Bathology experience will elevate you to feel the highest degree of pleasure from relaxation and absolute tranquillity as we tend to every last detail.

  • At Bless Collection Hotels, we offer sublime and bold experiences such as Blessbed, dedicated to the pleasure of getting a good rest. Forget about tomorrow and whatever happened in the past, live in the here and the now. May your rest be blessed while you’re in our hands. Slip under the soft 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, linen or silk sheets. Readjust your sleeping pattern as you relax on the bed and dream away, our mattresses were created exclusively for Bless Collection Hotels. Select the type of pillow that best fits your taste and needs, we’ll leave it in your hands, providing a pillow menu with different levels of firmness to choose from in order to offer you a personalized on-demand sleep experience:

    Visco Elastic Pillow: Highly recommended for those that snore and suffer from hip, spine or neck problems. Helps to alleviate pain by balancing out breathing and correcting poor posture.
    Latex Pillow: Relieves pressure points on the neck and head with a flexible material that reacts to pressure and produces a sinking sensation.
    Double Winged Cervical Pillow: Alleviates cervical neck or back pain, its special outline allows the shoulder to rest underneath it, aligning the head with the shoulders. Highly recommended if you sleep on your side.
    Visco Elastic Cervial Pillow: Relieves neck pains, recommended for those that sleep on their back since it allows the head, neck and spine to rest perfectly aligned.
    Feather pillow:A good option if you sleep on your back, or if you like the pillow to spread on the mattress. Feather-filled pillows are a different variety because the intact feather creates a firmer pillow.

    We apologize ahead of time if you don’t get up. Rest. For tomorrow a fabulous day awaits you.

  • Life is all about enriching the soul with fabulous experiences. For those that live each day to the fullest, searching for inspiration in every corner to nourish their minds, BLESS Collection Hotel offers unforgettable experiences that will stimulate all the senses. BLESSENCE experience is the sublimation of all our experiences and the awakening of the senses, where life’s most important pleasures come together. The pleasure of laughing, of sharing, of pampering and taking the best care yourself, of eating or quenching your thirst. These are the most essential pleasures, that when combined, create the most exceptional moments, leaving all that’s trivial behind so that each experience that’s enjoyed becomes transcendent.

  • Fabulous fur, paws maintained and a tail that wags when pampered like royalty.
    Hedonism doesn’t discriminate…and neither do we.
    Experience hedonist luxury with your dog at Bless Hotel Madrid... now a pet friendly hotel, open to only the most sybaritic of guests and up to two of their furry companions.
    Spoil your pet in our exquisite rooms and enjoy these exclusive luxuries:
    • Welcome Pet’s Package: waste bags, 2 bowls, a bed and a pet door sign
    • Access with your dog to Picos Pardos Sky Lounge, where you can both enjoy a unique ambiance and the best views of the city
    • Pet-sitter: upon request
    The pleasure of sharing hedonistic moments with your furry friend is superlative. Be sure not to leave your dog behind…
    Discover the new pet friendly hotel in Madrid.

    Terms & conditions:
    *A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per room.
    *Only small dogs weighing no more than 10 kg are permitted.
    *Prices and conditions are subject to availability during the time of reservation.
    *For further information, please contact our Guest Relations.

  • Bless your Beauty

    The pleasure of being beautiful. And of being pampered. And of giving your mind, body and skin a small gift of appreciation. Return from your escape beaming with radiance as you go back to our luxurious hotel in Madrid, all thanks to our special BLESS your beauty promotion, which combines your bed and breakfast plan with an experience fit only for the most pampered of guests: the TACHA BLESS Massagem massage, specially crafted for us by Natalia de la Vega, founder of the exclusive all-round TACHA beauty centre. Simply shut your eyes, leave yourself in the hands of our experts and indulge in this relaxing and detoxifying massage for the next hour. Just let yourself drift away and become amazed…

    Bless your Weekend experience:
    - Available for all room and suite categories
    - Spaces: TACHA
    - Accomodation, breakfast and TACHA BLESS Massagem included.
    - Available Monday-Sunday
    - May be cancelled within up to 48h before arrival time.

    Once you have your room booked, e-mail us to guestrelations.madrid@blesscollectionhotels.com
    Phone numbers: +34 913577496
    Extension: 9006

    Download menu

  • Bless your Weekend

    Mondays don’t weigh the body down as much after having enjoyed a weekend in the capital, in pure BLESS style. Discover it with this special promotion designed for you to reap the benefits of an escape full of hedonism: taste Madrid’s most traditional flavours with our menu at Versus, join us for a cocktail experience guided by our expert bartenders and take a selfie with a strike in the background at the unique bowling alley of Fetén Clandestine Bar. And just so you don't have to say goodbye to the weekend in a hurry, delay your check-in until 3:00 pm. Sounds good, doesn´t it?

    Bless Your Weekend Experience:
    - Available for all room and suite categories.
    -Includes accommodation, breakfast, Versus Lively Lounge Menu (lunch or dinner), Versus Lively Lounge Mixology Experience, 1 game of bowling at Fetén Clandestine Bar.
    - Available Thursday - Sunday.
    - 2 night minimum
    - May be cancelled within up to 48h before arrival time.

    Once you have your room booked, e-mail us to guestrelations.madrid@blesscollectionhotels.com

  • Bless your Taste

    There are pleasures in life that are made to be experienced and pleasures that are made to be savoured. If you know what we mean and you’re always the type to have seconds, then book our most gourmet and special promotion today: a luxurious stay in one of the exclusive suites of our 5-star hotel in Madrid with breakfast included, along with a tasting menu at Etxeko Madrid, Martín Berasategui’s new restaurant in the capital. Discover the gastronomic magic created by this renowned chef with 10 Michelin stars under his belt and relish in his signature Basque cuisine through a carefully selected tasting menu (8 pax)  with high doses of exquisite pleasure.

    Bless Your Taste Experience:

    - Available for Bless Your Savage Mind, Bless Your Instincts, Bless Your Divinity Suite and Bless Your Couture Suite room categories.

    - Space: Etxeko Madrid - Includes accommodation, breakfast and the Etxeko Madrid tasting menu (lunch or dinner)

    - Available Monday - Sunday.

    - May be cancelled within up to 48h before arrival time. Once you have your room booked, e-mail us to guestrelations.madrid@blesscollectionhotels.com