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BLESS Hotel Madrid 4.0Stars


Just as the wise man does not choose the most plentiful food, but rather the most delicious nor should he strive to live the longest life, but rather the most intense. Epicureus

The pleasure of eating has a name -and it's Etxeko, the restaurant of Martín Berasategui in Madrid. To win over the most demanding sybarite palates, BLESS Collection hotels brings San Sebastian to Madrid -the most authentic taste of the North. Etxeko, which translates from Basque as home-made is a tribute to the origins of everyday cookery. Traditional cuisine takes centre stage in a unique culinary space, where we invite you to taste and delight in the experience of our menu prepared by the grand master chef, Martín Berasategui.

We offer you an amazing experience -the best of haute cuisine without the extravagance. At Etxeko, technique and imagination are at the service of experience to deliver a fully-fledged culinary quest. Where passion for cooking accompanies us every day to share with our guests and dining companions the art of eating well, from breakfast to last orders.

Welcome to a feast of flavours at BLESS Hotel Madrid.