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Bless Hotel Madrid



Just as the wise man does not choose the most plentiful food, but rather the most delicious nor should he strive to live the longest life, but rather the most intense. EpicureusEpicuro

The pleasure of eating has a name -and it's Etxeko, the restaurant of Martín Berasategui in Madrid. To win over the most demanding sybarite palates, Bless Collection Hotels brings San Sebastian to Madrid -the most authentic taste of the North. Etxeko, which translates from Basque as home-made is a tribute to the origins of everyday cookery. Traditional cuisine takes centre stage in a unique culinary space, where we invite you to taste and delight in the experience of our menu prepared by the grand master chef, Martín Berasategui.

We offer you an amazing experience -the best of haute cuisine without the extravagance. At Etxeko, technique and imagination are at the service of experience to deliver a fully-fledged culinary quest. Where passion for cooking accompanies us every day to share with our guests and dining companions the art of eating well, from breakfast to last orders.

Welcome to a feast of flavours at Bless Hotel Madrid.


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  • From the first cup of coffee until the last drink before heading out for the night, Versus is a vibrant space where the action never ceases to happen. A contemporary style lounge functioning by day and by night, it opens its doors first thing in the morning for guests to enjoy a magnificent continental buffet or an à la carte breakfast menu, boasting fresh-out-the-oven pastries and the capital’s most luxurious coffee. And, for those who prefer to sleep in, an exquisite brunch awaits them, along with vermouth hour! Arouse your appetite at our elegant bar, serving aperitifs and cocktails created by our nifty bartenders, as well as imported beers, artisan vermouths and high-end wines, all complemented by the best selection of pickled delicacies. In this bustling corner, the action is non-stop as lunch is prolonged until dinner time with the sounds of good music to enjoy the city’s best after-work hub. Indulging in an all-day à la carte menu crafted by Chef Berasategui will be one of the capital’s greatest pleasures. Breakfast Versus dinner, which part of the day will you choose to taste?

    Monday to sunday (holidays included): From 09:00 a.m to 1:00 a.m (Last commands at 11:30 p.m).




  • A secret lair. An underground hideaway where getting lost always leads to more fun. The only place to go with your intimate circle of friends so that the mischiefs of the night remain always anonymous. Fetén is that clandestine club you've always wanted to go to, but you've never known how to reach. Or where. Or when.

    How to access it, is information you rarely come by. Tell no one. Shhhh…

    Behind a service door, 22 steps separate you from a hedonistic journey in the purest Bond style. Velvet and dim lights, a hidden bowling alley, delicious snacks from Martin Berasategui's menu, beautiful people, signature cocktails and an exclusive atmosphere where the forbidden is always allowed.

    Create tales that are better left for the later hours of the night.

    Enjoy a clandestine atmosphere, no judgement and no restraints. Where laughter, alcohol, and shared secrets swirl in the cocktail shaker all through the night.

    From Wednesday to Sunday, discover all kinds of fabulous events: electronic music parties, disco, dance & sing and even private experiences in our VIP area. Ready for an evening at Fetén?

    Our lips are sealed, we´ve said too much already. We shouldn´t have told you about this place, but… it´s too good to keep quiet. Be careful when you leave, don´t make any noise, make sure you´re not followed. See you at the den. See you in Fetén.



    Monday  for 17.00 to 00.00

    Tuesday from 17.00 to 00.00

    Wednesday de 21.00 a 1.00

    Thursday: de 21.00 a 3.00

    Friday: de 21.00 a 4.30

    Saturday: de 21.00 a 4.30

    Sunday: de 17.00 a 00.00


    e-mail: feten@blesscollectionhotels.com


  • BLESS Hotel Madrid brings the flavours of Donostia to the capital with Etxeko Madrid, Martín Berasategui’s restaurant in Madrid. In Basque, Etxeko means “at home,” making the restaurant a tribute to the Basque heritage and its long-lived recipes, passed down generation after generation, hand in hand with aromas and flavours that awaken vivid memories. On the intriguing menu that Martín Berasategui has created, you’ll find exquisite signature cuisine. Just pure hedonism cooked with technique, imagination, honesty and the finest ingredients. A selection of tempting creations that you’ll be able to enjoy à la carte or from the tasting menu.


    Closed Sundays and Mondays

    Lunch: 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Dinner: 8:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

    Menu | Wine | Desserts

    Tasting menu

    Reserve the Gala Menu

  • Climbing to the peaks of Madrid, this sky lounge is transcended into an exotic haven where one can admire the spectacular city views while enjoying a refreshing dip in the emerald pool or drinking a delicious cocktail on one of its silky Balinese beds. A place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while relishing in an excellent wine menu, cocktails and premium drinks created by our “Blessed bartenders,” as well as a delightfully surprising and healthy menu created by Martín Berasategui. A menu elaborated with first-quality products, along with a few organic ones, Nikkei cuisine and raw recipes that transform into a selection of ceviche, carpaccio or tartare, among others, offering fresh and vanguard dishes in an intimate cosmopolitan environment. You’ll feel a direct connection with nature through its stylish décor displaying subtle Asian touches, velvety sofas in natural tones, lush vegetation and emerald pool. With a name reminiscent of the great times shared among friends, this seductive space offers a unique experience from the top of the capital.