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Bless Hotel Madrid presents Stay Safe, a free medical insurance that will be launched during the hotel’s reopening in order to protect its most hedonistic guests. The hotel aims to offer the highest level of care so that guests can enjoy limitless pleasure during their stay without having to worry about a thing. Bless Hotel Madrid is committed to taking care of its guests at all times and therefore created an insurance available to all guests– both those that book directly, in addition to those reserving with tour operators or travel agents.

The new free medical insurance will be released in collaboration with risk management company Materh, which has advised Bless Hotel Madrid to contract a policy designed by InterMundial with the support of Europ Assistance. Stay Safe will protect all guests against any unforeseen circumstances related to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Those staying at Bless Hotel Madrid will be insured for any incident directly related to Covid-19 that may occur during their stay. This includes covering expenses such as medical and hospital costs, transfers or stay extension.

Stay Safe counterparts Bless Hotel Madrid’s new health and safety measures, which are being implemented in partnership with SGS – the global leader in inspection, verification, analysis and certification, to guarantee that the hotel continues to be a safe place.

Stay Safe is a ground-breaking product that will be available to all our pleasure-seeking guests in order to continue to take care of them during their exclusive holidays in Spain’s capital. Guests will have several exclusive services included for any incident directly related to the coronavirus that may appear during their stay. More specifically, the insurance covers:


  • - Medical expenses (surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization) for illness during the stay at the hotel up to € 3,000 and for Covid-19 infection up to € 100,000.
  • - Health transfer of sick and wounded.
  • - Transfer to hospital in emergencies
  • - Extension of the stay for a maximum of 10 days due to illness at € 75 per day.
  • - Return of companions up to a maximum of three people.
  • - Sending a driver for medical reasons.


The luxury of a safe holiday at Bless Hotel Madrid.

This new free medical insurance applies to Bless Hotel Madrid in the Salamanca quarter. The hotel will open its doors again in September.

For the reopening, Bless Hotel Madrid will offer a variety of entertainment, culinary and spa experiences to ensure that all guests enjoy a luxurious and safe holiday in Spain’s thriving capital.