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I buoni piaceri sono quelli che ci fanno sorridere. Come le esperienze del BLESS HOTEL IBIZA, pensate appositamente per farti vivere una vacanza di lusso a Ibiza degna degli dei. Approfitta dell'estate come solo gli edonisti sanno fare. 

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  • Disconnect from the world in the privacy of your room with a bubble bath specially designed for hedonists and immerse yourself in a sensual experience to pamper your senses in every way.

    Experience the pleasure of looking after yourself with the menu of creative soaps created by our team of professionals and adapted to different aromas and textures, to treat you to a sensory experience ranging from energising to relaxing. Or else you can lie back and be seduced by our sensual aromas or balance your skin with exfoliating soap. 

  • Mixology

    You enjoy the best cocktails on Ibiza with your sight, taste, smell, touch and... hearing. Find out for yourself with Mixology®, a guided luxury experience at your fingertips thanks to the skill of our baristas.

    You can enjoy this experience in the privacy of your room or in our Epic Infinity Lounge, Tris Vermutería & Bar and Llum Pool Club gastro spaces. It's your choice. And we make sure you enjoy the best combination of good conversation and the perfect cocktail. 

  • Blessedbed

    Some pleasures are essential. Like a good sleep. Especially on holiday. At BLESS Hotel Ibiza we want you to have the best dreams possible; we know we can't get into them, but we can offer you the Blessedbed® experience. With this you can slide in between 400-thread Egyptian cotton sheets and relax your body on a mattress specially designed for BLESS Collection Hotels.

  • BLESS Your Paws

    Holidays aren't so much fun without your dog, are they? At BLESS Hotel Ibiza you won't have to miss your little friend thanks to our luxury pet-friendly hotel on Ibiza that allows dogs weighing up to 10 kilos.

    Thanks to the BLESS Your Paws service you'll get an welcome pack in your exclusive room, with rubbish bags, 2 bowls with food and water, a bed and pet sign; you and .your dog can have access to Epic Infinity Lounge and request the services of a pet carer. 

  • Culinary Lovers

    In Epic Infinity Lounge Ibiza you can enjoy the experience of combining our terrace on Ibiza with sea views and the luxury of savouring a signature cocktail and a delicious menu specially designed to feed your hedonism. Or else choose the best pool to spend the day on Ibiza at our landmark Llum Pool Premium Club, getting maximum pleasure out of your day's relaxation with an option that includes a signature cocktail and a special midday meal at Salao Atlantic Restaurant.

  • Not Guilty Lovers

    BLESS HOTEL IBIZA adds an extra dose of indulgence to your holidays with your partner on Ibiza with two signature cocktails of your choice from our Mixology menu, a tasting menu at Epic Infinity Lounge Ibiza (evening) or Llum Premium Pool Bar Llum (midday); a 60-minute massage for two, a water circuit and a welcome gift of cava and a sweet surprise. Book now: shared pleasures are twice as nice...

  • Etxeko Lovers

    For two highly hedonistic spirits, this experience includes cava and a sweet surprise on arrival, two signature cocktails at our Tris Vermut & Bar, a 60-minute massage for two and water circuit; plus an exquisite 12-course tasting menu with wine matching to enjoy at Etxeko Ibiza, created by chef Martín Berasategui, holder of 12 Michelin stars. What's more, in 2022 Etxeko Ibixa has been awarded a Repsol Sun and featured in the Michelin Guide. 

  • Bathology Experience

    Our Bathology menu brings to the bath in your room a meticulous selection of artisan soaps and natural aromatic oils with which to create just the right bubble bath for your skin type: sensual, relaxing, exfoliating, energising or whatever. Take the advice of our Bathologist, relax in candlelight and enjoy an experience packed with bubbly indulgence.

  • BLESS My Soul

    Welcome to your reconnection journey.

    Feel our new experience BLESS my Soul. A journey to continue feeding your spirit. Cocktails with the best natural flavors awaits you in our EPIC Infinity Lounge.

    Enjoy unlimited access to the amazing Water Zone in our wellness temple, Beldon Wellness Soulful and Spa, or connect with the universe from your own Suite with our Equillibrium KIT, where you can practice Yoga and meditation from your private space. Don't forget to ask our Guest Services department about our Yoga and Opera Spa night activities.

    Experience available in our Bless your Savage Mind