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The after after-work
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22 JAN 22:00

Wednesdays are the new Thursdays. And at Bless Hotel Madrid, we’re not waiting till the weekend to enjoy the capital’s best rendezvous. In the middle of the week our most hedonistic cats come alive, starting their evening at Benditos Gatos, Madrid’s most exclusive after-work. And for those that wish to continue dancing until the later hours, we present Los Últimos Gatos, its alluring midweek afterparty. Polished cocktails, live DJ sets with back-to-back hits and a retro bowling alley to strike out all time-frames are only some of the pleasures open to those that know no boundaries to the night’s temptations. Because it’s not over, till it’s over. And at Fetén Clandestine Club, we’re just getting started. Come find us, every Wednesday from 10 pm to 1 am. A late-night treat for Los Últimos Gatos. This is the after after-work.