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Bienvenido a Etxeko Ibiza

BLESS Hotel Ibiza Etxeko

Welcome Etxeko Ibiza.

The star of Ibiza is at BLESS Hotel Ibiza. We welcome you to Etxeko Ibiza, Martín Berasategui’s restaurant headed by Paco Budia and awarded with a Michelin Star and a Repsol Sun. A haute cuisine space that celebrates the pleasures of the fine dining, the ancient flavours of San Sebastian and the most sublime products of the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean. 

In addition to the avant-garde cuisine with which Martín Berasategui has earned his 12th Michelin Star, it offers an intimate and exquisite atmosphere specially created to make Etxeko Ibiza the best haute cuisine restaurant in the island.

Etxeko Ibiza, MICHELIN Star Spain 2023.

My mind is the true storyteller in my kitchen; it creates incredible tales based on my childhood. Discover them in Etxeko Ibiza.

A tribute to one’s roots

Experience all the culinary delights of our tasting menu developed by Berasategui, which includes classic appetisers such as a melting ham omelette, and hake from the Bay of Biscay in tempura with amontillado sherry mayonnaise and caviar. The menu continues with the Etxeko salad o from the vegetable garden to the river and a langoustine carpaccio on a bed of textured fennel emulsion that reflects the commitment of Etxeko Ibiza to the surrounding area.

Along with these delicacies, you can also sample original dishes, so characteristic of both areas, such as charcoal grilled red scorpion fish on razor clams and Massaman curry, or Basque chilli pepper foam served with Greater Amberjack fish, as well as delicate meat dishes, rack of lamb with gravy, black agliata sauce and creamy acidic notes, or slices of smoked presa ibérica pork shoulder with subtle hints of oyster taramasalata and ice cream with mustard. Flavours that cannot be measured in minutes, but rather by the pleasure they produce.

BLESS Hotel Ibiza Etxeko
BLESS Hotel Ibiza Etxeko

BLESS Hotel Ibiza 

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