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Bienvenido a Etxeko Ibiza


Welcome Etxeko Ibiza.

The star of Ibiza is at BLESS Hotel Ibiza. We welcome you to Etxeko Ibiza, Martín Berasategui’s restaurant headed by Paco Budia and awarded with a Michelin Star and a Repsol Sun. A haute cuisine space that celebrates the pleasures of the fine dining, the ancient flavours of San Sebastian and the most sublime products of the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean. 

In addition to the avant-garde cuisine with which Martín Berasategui has earned his 12th Michelin Star, it offers an intimate and exquisite atmosphere specially created to make Etxeko Ibiza the best haute cuisine restaurant in the island.

Etxeko Ibiza, MICHELIN Star Spain 2023.

My mind is the true storyteller in my kitchen; it creates incredible tales based on my childhood. Discover them in Etxeko Ibiza.

Etxeko — Our menu

A tribute to one’s roots

Etxeko means "from home" in Basque. And it is in this new home of Martín Berasategui in Ibiza where the flavours of his childhood and of the Cantabrian add to the uniqueness of the local products of the sea and land. Gourmet snacks that you can enjoy a la carte or through an exquisite Tasting Menu that is a tribute to his roots.

Savour delicious creations such as the undeniable caramelised strudel of smoked eel with foie gras, spring onion and green apple; Bacon-wrapped hake with faux fennel and watercress cream, chocolate bonbons and fresh lettuce sprouts; and the free-range chicken Canelón, Ibizan black pork jowl and a light mushroom bechamel previously roasted. Other savoury delights await you in Etxeko Ibiza, where time is not measured by minutes, but by moments of bliss.

BLESS Hotel Ibiza 

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