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Beldon Wellness

Discover our latest wellness innovations at Beldon Wellness, from therapeutic massages to revitalizing treatments. Our variety of services is designed to meet all your relaxation and rejuvenation needs.

1. Ritual Travel Restore: This comprehensive massage combines deep tissue techniques on the back and arms with a circulatory focus on the legs, meticulously designed to restore the body's natural balance and relieve accumulated fatigue.

2. "Just like Moons" Pregnancy Massage: Experience unparalleled relief during pregnancy with our personalized therapeutic massage, designed to elevate both your mood and spirit during the second and third trimesters.

3. "Earth & Sea" Massage: Immerse yourself in a revitalizing experience with our exclusive "Earth & Sea" massage, designed to restore and promote energy flow through stretches and strategically placed hot stones on the back.

4. "Brazilian Touch" Remodeling Treatment: Discover our innovative body remodeling technique that smooths, tightens, and redefines problematic areas such as the buttocks and waist, tailored to your unique needs.

5. "Sunshine Bliss" Innovative Radiofrequency Treatment: Experience safe and effective rejuvenation with our "Sunshine Bliss" radiofrequency treatment, combining cavitation to eliminate localized fat and radiofrequency to improve skin firmness.

BLESS Hotel Ibiza Etxeko
BLESS Hotel Ibiza Etxeko

"Royal Recovery" program.

Additionally, immerse yourself in the complete wellness experience with our exclusive "Royal Recovery" program, which includes 2 rituals, 1 massage, 1 Pilates session, 1 green juice, and access to the water circuit, designed to renew body, mind, and spirit during your 3 to 5-day stay.

Beldon Wellness Spa

Immerse yourself in our water circuit and enjoy a revitalizing experience thanks to the hammam, sensory showers, water beds, solarium, jacuzzi, dynamic pool, cold water pool, and sauna.


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