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Sanitary recommendations

for your luxury holidays.


At the BLESS Hotel Madrid, we have been certified with GBAC STAR™.

This certification confirms that we have applied security and hygiene measures in keeping with its protocols.

We are reinforcing our cleaning and disinfection work in each and every space of our hotels, whether bedrooms, communal areas, event and meeting rooms or staff areas, as well as in our vehicles, objects of shared use and even those items coming from outside, such as luggage.

We will place hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the hotel, as well as in the bedrooms, so that guests can use them as they wish.

We will carry out infrared temperature controls, both for employees and clients, particularly in the entrances to the various parts of the hotel and within enclosed areas such as restaurants, gyms and spas.

It is compulsory for all members of staff from all departments to wear masks at all times, as well as for our clients when they are in communal, interior spaces.

Masks will be made available to guests, upon request, at the hotel entrance and at reception.

We will ensure that social distancing is maintained between both guests and employees within the hotel complex, through the use of informative posters.

We will use non-invasive temperature checks on all of our guests when they enter any part of the hotel.

We will also offer disinfecting floor mats to ensure the cleanliness of the soles of shoes as well as hand sanitising stations.

We will implement cleaning and disinfecting protocols based on the highest hygiene standards.

Our clients will enjoy a daily cleaning service and each room will be subject to a thorough ozonisation after each stay.

All hotel information will be available and all customisation relating to an individual stay will be performed digitally using Zafiro.

When it comes to our food and drink services, we are studying and adapting all of our operational protocols and our manuals in order to continue to offer incredibly high food hygiene standards.

We will encourage our guests to make reservations and will establish a maximum number of guests in our bars and restaurants, as well as offering timed reservations.

Our service will be fully adapted to reflect the new reality, in a way that prefers the use of individual portions and tableware.

Physical distancing will be ensured with maximum capacity numbers, established throughout the different areas of the hotel, as well as the reorganisation of the tables in our service areas.

Our clients will have access to all of our menus in a digital format which can be obtained via a QR code or using the app.

Measures to guarantee maximum safety protocols and offer a high-quality Room Service have also been implemented.

Our guests will be able to access our facilities with an appointment, and they can use the BLESS Collection Hotels app to check availability in real time. This app will also be used to make appointments.

Capacity has been limited in the fitness suite and certain elements have been relocated in order to allow guests to maintain safe distances.

Disinfecting products to clean the equipment after each use will be available to our guests.


We will provide all necessary protective equipment to our employees and will offer them specific training.

As such, our staff, in addition to following the regulations relating to safety, disinfection and cleaning after each service, will be fully able to respond to any questions or doubts so that our guests will always be able to receive an answer to their queries.

Furthermore, we will establish a guide for good practice and compulsory requirements for our suppliers.


Palladium Hotel Group is strongly committed to implementing these and other measures, which are the result of an exhaustive analysis carried out by a committee of experts from across the Group from both Europe and the Americas as well as certified external laboratories, in order to ensure that our clients can enjoy the greatest pleasures in life on their holidays at BLESS Collection Hotels, without a care in the world.


Finally, on behalf of the whole team here at BLESS Collection Hotels, we would like to thank you for your support, collaboration and commitment throughout this period and particularly in the more difficult moments. With your help, we have celebrated our 50th anniversary and have ensured that many travellers have been able to enjoy life's true pleasures at our hotels. As such, we have been able to achieve our mission: to transform our customers into true fans.


With careful attention to detail when it comes to safety and hygiene measures, we are sure that we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the best possible post-COVID holiday experience. Our clients will feel secure dreaming about their ideal holidays and, what's more, they can enjoy our flexible tariffs and the best possible offers when they book with us. We are sure that this will be over soon, and that we will be able to get back to doing what we do best: satisfying the desires of our pleasure-seeking guests from all over the world.


Read our cleaning and disinfection policy here.