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Welcome to Etxeko.

The haute cuisine restaurant of BLESS Hotel Ibiza where happiness not only moves you, but also nourishes you. The same as with passion, joy and enthusiasm. Essential ingredients in all the hedonistic pleasures, and also in the creativity of the prestigious chef Martín Berasategui´s gastronomic experience. The only chef in Spain to have 12 Michelin stars in his restaurants.
Welcome to the flavours of the old city of San Sebastián, the market of La Bretxa and the childhood of Martín. To the flavours and aromas of his gastronomic biography. To its past and future. And everything that the Basque meaning of the word etxeko encompasses: "from home". Have a seat at the table and get ready to remember. Because there is no pleasure that lasts longer in our memory than the pleasure of eating good food.

Etxeko By Martín Berasategui
Etxeko By Martín Berasategui

At Etxeko, technology and tools weigh, time and texturize, but it's my origins, the flavours of my land and its products that deliver its soul.

Martin Berasategui — Chef


Etxeko and the inspiring creations of Martín Berasategui await you at Bless Hotel Ibiza. Our gastronomic havens for indulging in pleasures. The only ones able to excite all of your senses in an instant. With just one bite.