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The hedonism laws dictate that goods are for those who know how to enjoy them, a philosophy of life that BLESS Hotel Madrid transmits to the world through its unique services and its exclusive wellness space. Relax in our Spa, a place to escape from the bustle of the city and where you can enjoy the most exclusive treatments by Beldon Beauty; release endorphins in our Fitnic Fitness Center; enjoy the best breakfast in the city with our exquisite BLESSed Breakfast; or pamper yourself in our Wellness Villa, where you will have the chance to rest in the Hogo Beds, with state-of-the-art technology that reduces ageing. Our wellness philosophy permeates each space and turns the BLESS experience into a profound transformation at all levels.

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  • Zona de Spa

    The pleasure of looking after yourself in its purest state. An urban spa with hammam, dry sauna, sensory showers, ice cascade and jacuzzi, as well as facial beauty treatments, body rituals and manicure and pedicure protocols carefully personalised for every guest to meet their needs, and designed to relax and reset. From massages to illuminators, combining ancient manual techniques with the latest in quality cosmetics.

    Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m 

    From Mondays to Sundays


  • Beldon Wellness

    We invite you to discover Beldon Wellness, a proposal based on full relaxation to reconnect with the environment and the present moment through rituals and revitalizing practices, in a unique enclave such as Bless Hotel Madrid. Based on a prior diagnosis, we adapteach treatment tailored to your needs to enhance your well-being in an environment of relaxation and Caring at its finest.

    Hours: 11h to 20h

    Monday to Sunday

    +34 91 086 13 80


    For any questions you can write to recepcionspabless@beldonbeauty.com

  • Fitnic

    Every hedonist knows that looking after your body is vital to a healthy, active mind. Our Fitnic fitness space features the latest technology, LifeFitness® and Discover® machines, as well as the Sweat Box virtual space, to help you get into a routine by monitoring your training digitally. Plus, to enjoy the pleasure of looking after yourself even more, you can ask for a personal trainer to push you to achieve new goals. Worshipping your body was never this pleasurable.

    Open 24h

  • BLESSED Breakfast

    An excellent rest must be followed by the pleasure of enjoying an incomparable buffet breakfast. With a wonderful, varied international selection with obvious nods to the purest Madrid, also including healthy and vegan options, our BLESS Breakfast is just what you need to wake yourself up. The pleasure of eating and looking after yourself starts the moment you get up.


    Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


  • Blessed Bed

    At Bless Collection Hotels, we offer sublime and bold experiences such as Blessbed, dedicated to the pleasure of getting a good rest. Forget about tomorrow and whatever happened in the past, live in the here and the now. May your rest be blessed while you’re in our hands. Slip under the soft 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, linen or silk sheets. Readjust your sleeping pattern as you relax on the bed and dream away, our mattresses were created exclusively for Bless Collection Hotels. Select the type of pillow that best fits your taste and needs, we’ll leave it in your hands, providing a pillow menu with different levels of firmness to choose from in order to offer you a personalized on-demand sleep experience:

    Visco Elastic Pillow: Highly recommended for those that snore and suffer from hip, spine or neck problems. Helps to alleviate pain by balancing out breathing and correcting poor posture.
    Latex Pillow: Relieves pressure points on the neck and head with a flexible material that reacts to pressure and produces a sinking sensation.
    Double Winged Cervical Pillow: Alleviates cervical neck or back pain, its special outline allows the shoulder to rest underneath it, aligning the head with the shoulders. Highly recommended if you sleep on your side.
    Visco Elastic Cervial Pillow: Relieves neck pains, recommended for those that sleep on their back since it allows the head, neck and spine to rest perfectly aligned.
    Feather pillow:A good option if you sleep on your back, or if you like the pillow to spread on the mattress. Feather-filled pillows are a different variety because the intact feather creates a firmer pillow.

    We apologize ahead of time if you don’t get up. Rest. For tomorrow a fabulous day awaits you.

  • BLESS Wellbeing Terrace Villa

    We live in a hyper-connected world, exposed to emissions that stop us from benefiting from restful sleep. HOGO System was created to free the body from these emissions, encouraging perfect rest and reducing your biological age while you sleep.

    HOGO System 08 is far more than a bed: it’s a sleep system devoted to the quest for perfect rest. It is the result of 30 years of scientific research into the physical health benefits of sleep. A never-before-seen, revolutionary experience, scientifically proven to enhance your immune system within a few months, improving the way you sleep so you get the most from life.


    BLESS Hotel Madrid is the only hotel in the city with this exclusive sleep system, which is available in the bedroom of the BLESS Wellbeing Terrace Villa with Jacuzzi. It’s a haven where you can enjoy restful sleep and delight in its comforts: a rest area with spacious dressing room, separate living room, bathroom and guest toilet. There’s also a private terrace with sun loungers and a Jacuzzi, and another terrace ideal for enjoying peace and tranquillity in this room.