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According to the laws of Hedonism, wealth is for those who know how to enjoy it, a life philosophy that BLESS Collection Hotels conveys to the world through its spaces and exclusive services. Unique luxury rooms in a deluxe hotel in the centre of Madrid, where you can connect and put yourself out into the world, rub shoulders with stimulating folk and lose yourself in a cosmopolitan and worldly atmosphere.

Drop in to our fun and exclusive city-centre bowling alley in Madrid. Get inspired by the city's most stunning views from our rooftop, your sky lounge in the capital. Relax in an exclusive spa located in the heart of the Salamanca quarter, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get your endorphin rush on at the most fabulous gym in Madrid!

We're opening up the doors of our BLESS universe very soon - but, know this, it's only going to rock your world if you know how to enjoy life's pleasures, both big and small. If that sounds about right, then you're more than welcome to join us!

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  • An urban spa dedicated to lovers of health and wellbeing, a revitalizing experience that nourishes the soul in an intimate environment. Feel the pleasure of adventuring deep into the hammam and slowly breathing in the aromas of eucalyptus, releasing toxins in the dry sauna or stimulating your body with our contrasting hot and cold thermal circuits, in the ice waterfall or in the jacuzzi and sensory showers where you will return to a state of pure relaxation, without a doubt the best therapy to renew the body and mind. At Magness, hedonists who love pampering themselves will find the latest advances in facial, body and beauty care in treatment booths lead by the prestigious Tacha Beauty brand, one of the most exclusive and renown beauty centres in Spain. Its elegant cotemporary and vanguard decoration, the impressive Asian touches on the walls and the sensory architecture will surround you in an exclusive world of aromas and dim lights to release stress and give you the tranquillity that you deserve

    Opening hours  8:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m.

  • In the never-ending search for pleasure, hedonists know that taking care of your body is a vital part of a healthy mind. Fitnic features the latest technology, Life Fitness Discover series exercise machines. Hedonists that know the importance of keeping their mind and body healthy can enjoy the pleasure of caring for themselves by requesting a personal trainer to help them reach their goals. Worshiping your body has never felt so good.

    Open 24h

  • At  BLESS Collection Hotels, we offer sublime and bold experiences such as Blessbed, dedicated to the pleasure of getting a good rest. Forget about tomorrow and whatever happened in the past, live in the here and the now. May your rest be blessed while you’re in our hands. Slip under the soft 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, linen or silk sheets. Readjust your sleeping pattern as you relax on the bed and dream away, our mattresses were created exclusively for  BLESS Collection Hotels. Select the type of pillow that best fits your taste and needs, we’ll leave it in your hands, providing a pillow menu with different levels of firmness to choose from in order to offer you a personalized on-demand sleep experience:

    Visco Elastic Pillow: Highly recommended for those that snore and suffer from hip, spine or neck problems. Helps to alleviate pain by balancing out breathing and correcting poor posture.
    Latex Pillow: Relieves pressure points on the neck and head with a flexible material that reacts to pressure and produces a sinking sensation.
    Double Winged Cervical Pillow: Alleviates cervical neck or back pain, its special outline allows the shoulder to rest underneath it, aligning the head with the shoulders. Highly recommended if you sleep on your side.
    Visco Elastic Cervial Pillow: Relieves neck pains, recommended for those that sleep on their back since it allows the head, neck and spine to rest perfectly aligned.
    Feather pillow:A good option if you sleep on your back, or if you like the pillow to spread on the mattress. Feather-filled pillows are a different variety because the intact feather creates a firmer pillow.

    We apologize ahead of time if you don’t get up. Rest. For tomorrow a fabulous day awaits you.